jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Someone like you

It happened to me tonight. I was sitting in the middle of a theatre, dancers finishing their acts, when it hit me; I want to be with someone like you.

Someone that would actually enjoy going to a play with me, or to any kind of event that involves a stage.

Someone that would like to stand in a room full of people, talking about what they are about to see, eating all kinds of cheese and fruits, and of course, drinking cheap wine.

Someone that would know about upcoming events, and someone who would get excited when he finds out the artist he has been reading about on a magazine is coming to town.

Someone I can talk to about anything, even girl stuff and still, he would understand. And even better, we could have a conversation about it.

Someone that would go to the movies... alone.

Someone that likes my "weird" music.

Someone that actually reads magazines, newspapers, books, etc.

Someone that would let me cook for him all the time and most important, someone who loves my cooking.

Someone I could go to a book store with, and spend hours reading, even if we're not talking or together.

I know this could be asking too much. But then again, I might be wrong.
I know you are there, somewhere. I might not know you, and I might have met you before.
If you think I did, then just tell me, I'm pretty sure we can figure something out ;)

2 comentarios:

Tony dijo...

Dónde estás pio, I really miss you =( ?

Marysunshine dijo...

No puedo creer que haya visto este comentario casi un mes despues. :(

Aqui estoy! Como siempre! Haha!!
I miss you too honey :(
( but you already know that jaja :) )